Compendium CE Courses

September CE Course

Diagnosis and Management of Oral Allergy Syndrome

Heba Hussein, BDS, PhD; Robert K. Mensah, DDS; and Ronald S. Brown, DDS, MS

This article describes the causes, symptoms, and management of oral allergy syndrome, the itchy tongue allergic reaction.

2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires September 30, 2022

September CE Course

Intraoral Air Abrasion

Chan-Te Huang, DDS; Jihyon Kim, DDS; Celin Arce, DDS, MS; and Nathaniel C. Lawson, DMD, PhD

This article explores clinical applications of intraoral air abrasion in restorative dentistry, including cavity preparation, cleaning of preparations, and removal of plaque and stain prior to restoring tooth.

2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires September 30, 2022

July/August CE Course

Integrating a Full Digital Workflow to Achieve Optimal Surgical and Restorative Outcomes in Implant Dentistry

Sonia S. Leziy, DDS, Dipl. Perio; and Brahm A. Miller, DDS, Dipl. Pros

This article describes the use of digital technology and workflow in conjunction with implant dentistry.

2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires August 31, 2022

July/August CE Course

Dental Implant Maintenance for the Oral Healthcare Team

Penny Hatzimanolakis, Dipl. DH, BDSc, MSc; et al

This article reviews the anatomy of peri-implant tissues, examines the etiology and risk factors of peri-implant diseases, and outlines nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. 

2 CEU • Cost: $16 • Expires August 31, 2022


Elliot V. Hersh, DMD, MS, PhD; Stephanie Golubic, DMD, MBE; and Paul A. Moore, DMD, PhD, MPH
October 2010 Issue - Expires October 31st, 2013 | SOURCE: Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry
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