Increasing Patient Confidence: How to Educate, Motivate & Activate Patients for Case Acceptance & Retention

Carrie Webber

October 2022 Course - Expires Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

Web Only


As dentistry and its tools and resources continue to evolve, there is a combination of newfound tools and foundational approaches to the patient experience that will level up treatment understanding and acceptance with your patients. Join Carrie Webber, owner of The Jameson Group, as she shares with you groundbreaking and long-running applications for your practice to successfully introduce treatment to patients that will result in increased and consistent treatment acceptance.

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SOURCE: Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry | October 2022

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover a total team approach to presenting and supporting recommended treatment.
  • Explore game-changing tools and resources - from Telehealth to photography - that help improve patient trust, understanding and retention of treatment.
  • Develop a process and a plan of action to help you obtain a consistent success strategy for patient engagement and retention.

Presenter Qualifications:

Ms. Webber is the owner of The Jameson Group.


Ms. Webber has received an honorarium from SmileDirectClub for her preparation and presentation of this program.

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