Bisphosphonates and the Dental Patient: Part 1

Michael Zak, DDS; Anthony M. Spina, DDS, MD; Russell P. Spinazze, DDS; William L. Perkinson, DDS; Dennis J. Spinazze, DDS

August 2007 Issue - Expires August 31st, 2009

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry


This 2-part article is intended to educate readers on the current recommendations with regard to specific treatment for dental patients who will be starting or are currently taking the different types of bisphosphonate medications. The first article deals with the basic science and medicine surrounding the use of bisphosphonate medications. The second article will be clinically orientated, dealing with possible treatment options for dental patients who are on or will be starting bisphosphonate medications. These treatment options will be based on the most current literature available and the authors’ experiences. However, readers should note that the newness of the subject matter and the research that is sure to follow will make some of these recommendations obsolete within a few years. Readers are invited to view this article not as the “final word” on this subject but rather as a foundation.

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