Fixed and Removable Provisional Options for Patients Undergoing Implant Treatment

Sang-Chooh Cho, DDS; Saphal Shetty, MDS; �Stuart Froum, DDS�; Nicolas Elian, DDS; Dennis Tarnow, DDS

November 2007 Issue - Expires November 30th, 2009

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry


The provisional plase of treatment can be the most challenging aspect of implant dentistry. The techniques available today include removable, tooth-supported, and implant-retained provisional restorations. The selection of the type of provisional prosthesis should be based on esthetic demands, functional requirements, duration, and ease of fabrication. This article includes a review of 118 articles from peer-reviewed journals published in English from the January 1986 to February 2007. This review was performed using MEDLINE. The indications, advantages, and disadvantages of the various provisional restorations are discussed.

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