Practical Oral Sedation in Dentistry Part II: Clinical Application of Various Oral Sedatives and Discussion

Dominic P. Lu, DDS; Winston I Lu, PharmD

September 2006 Issue - Expires September 30th, 2007

Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry


This article presents a practical approach for safe oral sedation in the dental practice. When used properly, oral sedation can provide comfort and a calming treatment environment for patients whose fear inhibits them from securing needed dental care. In Part I, the authors provided information on medico-legal aspects of sedation, patient treatment recommendations, counseling, evaluation, monitoring, documentation, and proper discharge procedures. In this part, the reliable sedatives that have undergone years of clinical trials and have good records of safety and predictable results are presented. For each sedative, the description, formulation and dosage, onset, duration of sedation, and side effects are discussed.

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